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Getting Started

This guide covers everything you need to prepare before pressing 'send' on your first email campaign, plus a bit about what happens after.

Getting Started

Campaign - One email sent to one or more lists of email addresses (subscribers) at once. It could be an elaborate HTML email, or just a plain text email.

Client - Someone (a company or individual) you are sending emails for via iD30 Email. If you’re using the application to send emails for your own company, you may be the only “client” in your account.

Subscribers - People who have agreed to receive emails from your clients on a specific topic. We also refer to subscribers as “recipients” sometimes.

Permission - You cannot email subscribers without their permission. To send email to anyone using iD30 Email, you must have clearly obtained permission and be able to prove it. Please read our permission policy carefully to avoid any problems later on.

Template - An HTML file that is the background design/layout of your email campaign. You can code your own template and upload it, or use our template builder to create one.

Under the Create & Send tab, follow the on-screen instructions to fill out required details (campaign name, subject line and ‘from’ address) for a Regular campaign.

Define the details for a regular campaign.

Note Give some thought to the email address supplied for "Set who this campaign is from" because all email replies will be sent to that address. To have replies sent elsewhere, click change (on the right) to reveal a second address field labelled: "Replies should be sent to".

Select the format for the campaign

This step of the create/send process is where you choose what type (format) of campaign you’re going to work with.

Our template builder makes it easy for anyone to create gorgeous, rock-solid emails - but if you're wanting something a little more custom, we can create a bespoke email template for your business.

Campaign format options:

  • Plain text only - You may have subscribers who don't like receiving HTML emails, or perhaps you want to send plain text to give your emails a more 'personal' feel. Plain text can be good for many different reasons but, please note, only basic reporting is available for this format (you'll get bounce rates, but no stats on clicks or opens).
  • Use one of my templates - Over time you can build a gallery of re-usable templates for each client. When you have templates they'll be displayed below this option (as shown below) so you can either pick one prepared earlier, or create a freshie by choosing one of the following:
    • Use our template builder - No coding necessary. With our template builder you just choose a layout, customize the design and you're done! Head over to the templates section to create a free template/.
    • Use a custom iD30 template - We can create a bespoke email template for your business, call us on +44 (0)1484 90 50 13 for more information.

Choose one of your own templates to use.

If you're preparing a plain text campaign or starting with an empty template, our on-screen instructions will guide you into the 'editing window' to start adding your content.

When your email template and content are setup, you'll be prompted to Define recipients, which means choosing a subscriber list (or lists) to send to.

Choose who you will send this campaign to.

If you just want to do a 'test run' campaign (i.e. send to yourself and maybe a few others), you can choose either:

  • My recipients are from an existing subscriber list - When you have existing lists they’ll appear where “Sample List” is shown in the screenshot above. So you select this option, tick the checkbox alongside one or more lists, then click Next.
  • I'll add my own subscribers - This opens a new window where you can import subscribers from a file, or copy-and-paste the addresses in. When subscribers are added this way (i.e. during the creation of a campaign) a new subscriber list is created automatically, called "List Imported for <Campaign Name>".

Confirming your permission to email

At this stage of the create/send process, depending on list size and other factors, it's possible we may need to pause progress to ask some questions about how the subscribers joined the list. How did these people indicate that they agree to receive your client emails?

This is known as an approval process. If you need to go through the approval process you'll see a message (like the example shown below) appear immediately after you've selected the recipient list, or lists.

Notification of an approval process.

We do these approval processes because it’s an important contributor to how we maintain our deliverability ratings. If we don’t maintain our deliverability ratings, this can be a factor in whether or not your emails reach subscribers.

So it’s very important, if you're required to complete an approval, to answer the questions thoroughly. Once you have, we check them out and review your account to (hopefully) give approval as fast as possible.

Note If you don't see the message prompting you to "start the approval process" it means you don't need approval to send to this many people.

Next is the campaign "snapshot" which provides an overview of everything you've prepared for the campaign.

The snapshot is an overview of all your campaign details.

From this window you can fix errors and make changes by clicking the Edit or Add more recipients buttons on your right.

Test the campaign

You’re now in the final stage of the create/send process where it’s time to send a “test email” - and it’s highly recommended that you do. This is why:

  • Make sure it's free of typos, mis-spelling and other human-generated mistakes. It's a good idea to send the test to yourself and at least 1 other person because a fresh set of eyes helps to detect errors.
  • You want to check that the design renders correctly across a variety of email platforms (e.g. AOL, Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

It’s free to send a test to up to 5 email addresses.

With testing finalized, it’s time to send. Yeah! The only decision left is when to send. You have 2 options:

  • Deliver the campaign immediately - We'll send it to our servers to be shipped off A.S.A.P.
  • Deliver at the following time - Schedule a future time and date (specific to your time zone) for the campaign to be sent. This could be hours, days or even a few months in time.

Choose when you want the campaign to send.

Whichever you choose, you'll receive an email notification once the campaign is sent. Also, if you schedule the campaign for future delivery it will be editable up until it's time to send (and the send time is editable, too).

Sending a ‘free trial’ campaign?

If your first campaign is going to 5 people or less - good news - you’re ready to send! After choosing a send time (now, or later) you’ll click the big, green Send/schedule campaign button, giving flight to your debut email campaign.

If your first campaign is going to 6 or more people, your next step is to...

Provide payment details

At the bottom of the "Schedule campaign delivery" window (see the screenshot above) you'll see a button prompting you to pay for the campaign. Click it to see your payment options and pricing, calculated by the number of subscribers on your list.

The rates shown when you send your first campaign obviously increase as your subscriber lists grow, but you will always get the chance to see the final cost before an email is sent. Check out our pricing page for more info.

With payment details sorted, now you get to click the big, green Send/schedule campaign button! The second your email campaign is sent from our servers, you'll be notified by email which contains a handy link to "see the reports" for your campaign.

The reports page shows you how many people are opening the campaign and which links have been clicked, as well as keeping record of any bounces, unsubscribes and other important activity.

The reports are real-time, so refresh your browser window to see the latest stats and figures instantly. To learn more about all the numbers and charts, browse our 'Reports' help section.

You're done! Nice work, your first iD30 Email campaign has been released into the wild.

We hope you found the application quite simple to use and, if not, we're always eager to get your feedback. Below are all the ways you can get in touch with us.

Thanks for checking out iD30 Email. We can't wait to see some of the great campaigns you produce!

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