Email Features

iD30Email is packed full of great features to make reaching your audience a breeze

Send your own campaigns

Our simple to use interface makes it super easy for you to send your own campaigns without needing help from us. If you do need us however, no worries we’re always on the end of the phone.

Edit your own content

Use the email builder to create your email campaign, edit the content, images and layout with ease.

The visual editor allows you to quickly and easily get your campaign built and sent in no time.

Edit your content
Edit your content

Import your subscribers

It's easy to import your subscribers and contacts from other systems. Our simple CSV uploader allows you to upload your contacts in bulk, saving you time and effort.

You can create as many subscriber lists as you want and send to individual or multiple lists at any time.

Schedule for later

You get to choose whether to send your campaign straight away or schedule it for a later date. Our system will handle it all for you.

If you know in advance what you will be sending, get all of your campaigns created in one go and then schedule them to go out over a period of time allowing you to organise your time better and make your life easy.

Edit your content

Keep it Relevant

To get the best results in email marketing, it's important to send relevant information to the right people at the right time. Our segmentation and personalisation tools make it easy to focus your efforts where they count most.

Behavioural Targeting

Target subscribers based on past behaviour, such as clicking a link or forwarding a newsletter to a friend.

Triggered Messaging

Automatically email people when they meet criteria you set, like a recent purchase or their membership expiring.

Personalised Content

Send custom content to every subscriber by personalising it with whatever information they have shared with you.

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